Dawah and Outreach Program

The objective of the Dawah Program is to promote a better understanding of the Islamic faith.

Purposes of UDIC’s Dawah Team:

  • To establishment peace and justice for people of all faiths.
  • To create a better sense of understanding of Islam and Muslims.
  • To promote an accurate understanding of Islam.
  • To build bridges through positive dialogue between UDIC and other communities.
  • To enhance, and strengthen, unity through a proper and comprehensive understanding of Islam within our own community.

Current and Active Projects of UDIC’s Dawah Team:

  • Mosque Open Houses
  • Interfaith Event
  • Outreach Program for Colleges & High schools

Mosque Tours and Services:

Contact us to schedule a tour of our mosque, or to observe services for educational purposes.


To get more information about the UDIC Dawah Outreach Program, please email info@udicpa.org or call 484-557-1456.

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